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Curio Labs Team Wins ElevenLabs Hackathon

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Jamie Dowis
Head of Product
October 31, 2023
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We're pleased to announce that the Curio Labs team has won the ElevenLabs Hackathon! Just two months after the creation of the team, we have landed on an exciting product idea and built an MVP in a single weekend.’s ElevenLabs Hackathon

The ElevenLabs Hackathon saw a massive turnout this year, with a staggering 2,734 participants forming 371 teams, each tasked with building a project using the ElevenLabs API. The competition was intense, with each team bringing forth unique ideas and solutions. The Curio Labs team was invited to the finalist livestream to do a presentation and Q&A, and we were overjoyed to be announced as the winner on the stream.

Introducing EASY.DX

Our winning project, EASY.DX, is a revolutionary tool that utilizes ElevenLabs to generate authentic audio for video game dialogue, streamlining the development process for creators.

Following the hackathon win, the team has charted out an ambitious roadmap for EASY.DX including:

  • Batch Processing: Facilitating the seamless import and export of large amounts of dialogue.
  • Multilingual Support: Using the ElevenLabs API, we’ll be able to add support for nearly 30 languages.
  • Voice Verification: AI voice misuse is a major issue, and we have a plan in place to add voice verification to our app, so users will not be able to generate audio using other people’s voices.

You can sign up for the waitlist for EASY.DX here.

What is Curio Labs?

For those unfamiliar with Curio Labs, it's a specialized team within Curio dedicated to building cutting-edge SAAS products. But it's more than just a product-building unit. Curio Labs serves as our innovation hub for continuous learning and experimentation.

By building and marketing our own SAAS products, we are able to test new strategies firsthand. This not only equips us with valuable insights to serve our clients better but also deepens our understanding of their challenges.

The ElevenLabs Hackathon win is a noteworthy accomplishment for Curio Labs and the whole Curio team. It highlights our steadfast commitment to creativity, learning, and meeting our clients' needs. We’re excited to see where EASY.DX goes!


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Jamie Dowis
Head of Product
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