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Jamie from Curio Labs Joins 'Webflail' Podcast

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Davi Carneiro
Project Director
November 3, 2023
5 min read
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Jamie, the Head of Product at Curio, recently joined the 'Webflail' podcast to talk about her experiences in web development and starting a business.

A Chat with Jamie

At Curio, Jamie has become specialized in Webflow development, meeting the unique demands of creative firms and solo designers. Her work has led to collaborations with clients like TEDx Miami and Juice Pharma. On 'Webflail,' she discussed the humble beginnings of her career as a WordPress designer, managing projects that were challenging and not always lucrative. She spoke honestly about the difficulties she encountered, giving listeners a real look into her professional life.

About Webflail

'Webflail' is a podcast that delves into the stories of agencies and creatives in the Webflow space. Hosted by Jack Redley, it focuses on the realities of running a business, the ups and downs of working in an agency, and the continuous push for excellence. The podcast is known for its genuine conversations and practical insights.

Listen to the Episode

You can check out Jamie's episode of the 'Webflail' podcast here. Her experiences are insightful for budding entrepreneurs and designers figuring out their own way, or for anyone looking for a little motivation.

We're proud of Jamie's achievements and the knowledge she's imparted. With Curio moving forward with new ideas and development, we're excited for what's to come.


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Davi Carneiro
Project Director
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