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Open Graph Images for Social Sharing

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Jamie Dowis
Head of Product
February 7, 2024
5 min read
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Open Graph images play a key role in how content is shared and viewed on social media. A great Open Graph image helps to visually communicate a piece of content and entices viewers to click through to your website.

What is an Open Graph Image?

An Open Graph image is a specific type of image that is used to represent web content when it is shared on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These images are part of the Open Graph protocol, a set of meta tags embedded in the HTML of a webpage. When a link is shared, social media platforms use these tags to pull the designated image, providing a visual preview of the content.

Open Graph Image Examples

Example of an open graph image displayed on a Linkedin post
Example of an open graph image displayed on Twitter

Tips for Creating Great Open Graph Images

  1. Relevance: Ensure the image reflects the content of your page or post.
  2. Quality: Use high-resolution images for clarity across all device types.
  3. Branding: Include your logo or brand colors for instant recognition.
  4. Simplicity: Avoid cluttered images; opt for clean, straightforward visuals.
  5. Text Usage: Minimal text, if any, as it should be easily readable even in thumbnail view.

Open Graph Image Size

The recommended size for Open Graph images is 1200 by 630 pixels. This size ensures that the image appears clear and appropriately scaled across different social platforms.


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Implementing Open Graph Images in Webflow

Static Page Open Graph Images

1. Uploading to Webflow: Navigate to your Webflow project, go to the 'Assets' panel, and upload your image.

Webflow media assets panel

2. Copy the asset link: Hover over the image in the assets panel and click the cog icon to open the asset settings. Then, click the link icon shown in the screenshot below to copy the link to the asset.

Webflow asset details

3. Assigning the Image: Navigate to the Page Settings, scroll down to find the Open Graph Settings section, then paste the link into the Open Graph Image URL field.

Webflow open graph settings

CMS Template Open Graph Images

For CMS templates, you’ll need to connect a field from the CMS collection to the Open Graph Image field in the CMS.

  1. Create an Open Graph Image CMS field: In your CMS collection settings, create a new image field for the Open Graph Image.
  2. Connect CMS field in Page Settings: Go to the page settings for your CMS template, then scroll down to the Open Graph Settings. Find the Open Graph Image field, and select the CMS field you created from the dropdown.
Webflow CMS open graph settings

Open Graph Tester

To ensure your Open Graph images are correctly implemented, use an Open Graph tester tool like These tools analyze your URL and display how your shared content will look on social media.

Remember, the right Open Graph image can significantly impact how your content is perceived and engaged with on social media. Take the time to choose and implement these images thoughtfully.

Jamie Dowis
Head of Product
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